Remember:  First Impressions are Lasting And Your Home Will Sell Faster If You:

  • Cut and trim the lawn and get landscaping in top condition.  Curb appeal is an important first impression.
  • Repair screens and windows so they show and work properly
  • Paint any part of the house that may need it.
  • Clean carpets and repair if necessary.
  • Make rooms appear larger by storing or removing excess furniture.
  •  Organize closets to show off storage space.
  • Clean and organize garage and storage spaces.
  • Keep stairways clear of all objects.
  • Please the buyer with a spotless uncluttered kitchen.
  • Never apologize for the appearance of your home.  After all, it has been lived in!
  • Let the sun shine in!  Open draperies and turn on lights.  Most buyers like an open, airy, and bright home. 
  •  Turn off the radio and TV when your home is being shown.  They distract from the conversation and concentration of the salesperson and buyer.
  • Keep all pets and children out of the way during showings.
  • Never discuss furniture or furnishings with a buyer before he has purchased the home.  It confuses the entire process in the minds of all involved.
  • Do not discuss price, terms, possession or other factors with people viewing  your home or with the showing agent.  Refer them to your agent instead.


Please do not tag along with the buyer and the salesperson.  If possible, leave the house during showings so buyers feel free to discuss you home with their showing agent.  Remember, the agent knows the buyers, the buyers’ requirements, how to overcome their objections, and how to turn them on to the advantages of buying your home.